Granite And Marble Flooring

Granite And Marble Flooring

Of course all of what it already knows what it’s marble and granite. If the trend colors, granite is often perceived as a black rock and hard, while marble is usually perceived as white. But what distinguishes the two? Marble floors and granite flooring is a type of rock that is usually used for the floor of the house and its parts, such as kitchens or countertops. There is a fundamental difference between these two materials, one on age, looks much older granite from marble, it can be seen from the hardness of these materials, marble tends to break more easily than granite.¬†Another difference is the level of structural formation, as well as corrosion of rocks, for the marble has a higher corrosion rate than the granite.


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style=In some areas of industry and engineering, granitic rocks are widely used as a field or a board of reference in a variety of measurements and measuring instruments. This is because granite is water-resistant, rigid (rigid), non-hygroscopic and has a thermal expansion coefficient is very low. One application is in the coordinate measuring machine. There are variations in the percentage of minerals contained in various types of granite provides a variety of colors. This is why granite is found in black but also available in granular type with the other color lines.


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Marble and granite rock rocks when used as flooring material looks so elegant. Granitic rock types are more durable than marble and more scratch resistant than marble, while the marble is more easily lose their sheen when the environment is often used together because a lot of food and drinks leave stains on the marble floor. Therefore marble goes a special treatment when used as flooring material, this treatment can be performed periodically advance of two to three years. But lanatai material derived from granitic rocks, more durable, always look new for a long time. So if there are spills of food and drink stains on your floor, clean it immediately.