Get the Manhattan look for your interior design

Manhattan is the birthplace of loft living, so contemporary is the word of the day. The key to achieving this is to use muted tones on textured fabrics and upholstery, saving an injection of color or pattern for selected focal points.

Large French windows are a must to bring lots of natural light into the room and increase the sense of available space. Also, they help add an element of coziness into what otherwise might be a fairly minimalistic space. The walls must be covered in fabric as well for a better Manhattan look. Most Manhattan apartments comprise of 8 rooms which are; living room, guest room, master bedroom, kitchen, dining, bathroom, a room for hobbies and a chill out room.

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One of the key elements of Manhattan open-plan living is the entrance area. A sense of arrival is essential as it helps to define the various areas within open spaces. You can achieve this by introducing different wall colors and textures. Using only one color can overemphasize the sense of space and just make it into one big room, rather than showcasing separate areas within that space.

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The kitchens in Manhattan are relatively small, but they are functional and some are even customized. You need to have all the necessary appliances, and having a lot of wall cabinets is a must. The dining rooms are also small, but pretty functional. The tables are usually luxury glass tables and the chairs around it should have a similar style to achieve the Manhattan interior design style.

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When furnishing, consider a darker shade for the wooden furniture pieces. Use a lot of wall scones and fixtures for the lighting. The Manhattan style is meant for apartments used for relaxation purposes and having a chill out time. If this is what you are after, then start designing your apartment using the Manhattan style and see what the outcome will be.