Geometric Interior Design

Geometric Interior Design

Modern style home is growing rapidly, supported by the modern lifestyle of our society. This modern lifestyle impact, among others on the processing of residential architectural styles. Modern meaning is “the latest, cutting-edge”. So that when applied to residential architecture in particular mean more or less become, house style, or the latest cutting-edge too. One design that can be applied to your home to make it look modern and luxurious style is to utilize the play of light and Geometric interior design as a form or a home interior accessories.

geometric decor

geometric interiors

Small living room can seem a luxury to use a game light on the walls and ceiling areas. Geometric interior design processing can make the visual look of the space to be more straightforward. The beauty and luxury of space is usually visible from the detail elements present in the room. In addition, the varied processed light-rays by processing the transmit direction, the more exposed to the elements beautifully. The main light refined look unique. Order light like an umbrella frame with each frame has its own lampshade. In addition there is a strobe light (down light) which leads to a circular mirror accessory. Circular shape is a shape that can eliminate the effects of domination on the line and box room. In effect, the space feels softer. Utilization of soft light can amplify the effects of space. There is another light that radiates from the drop ceiling, which eliminates a narrow sense the three-meter altitude berplafon space.

geometric design ideas

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Thus, three different preparations, with the game elements that form a variety of effects can result in a comfortable room in a luxury room with a view like an awesome game details. Use interior ornament that use simple geometric shapes, not excessive, in the form of vertical lines and horizontal without a profile. Some of the natural stone ornaments of exposure can be applied in an attempt to beautify your modern minimalist home.