Garden Design in Buckingham Palace

Garden Design in Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace, one of many historic places in London that is still standing and keep maintained. Many historical stories from 500 years ago of books, photographs and objects saved there. However much of the building that remains standing today is from the original structure built in the early 1700. We will not review the history, but we’ll show you one of the charms of Buckingham Palace. The garden of Buckingham Palace is popular place for tourists who visit Buckingham Palace. In the summer season during August and September is the greatest time to visit UK because Buckingham Palace open to the public and you can see the garden design┬á map photos in buckingham palace

Buckingham Palace has many garden with different decorations , plants and style located in several places around the building. The garden rear of Buckingham Place is the most beautiful because many combinations of flower and plants provide colorful garden scenery. You will see many rare flower bloom in September and it’s also the reason why Buckingham Palace open only in summer. Other interesting objects when you visiting Buckingham Palace is old mulberry tree. It’s hundreds of years old and it will give an overview of the royal family when played there in the past.

The main feature of the tour are when you visiting small lake behind the building. Requires about two minutes walk from the main building to the lake. A main feature of the gardens, this has a flock of white stork living on and around it. These delicately coloured birds really bring the scene to life with their graceful movements. Water plants make the perfectly natural decorations of the Buckingham Palace garden.

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