Garden Design Ideas in Eiffel Tower

Garden design ideas in Eiffel Tower

Garden design ideas in Eiffel Tower. When you visit France specially in Paris, you must visiting one of seven wonder in the world. Eiffel Tower (French: Tour Eiffel) is an iron tower built in Champ de Mars on the banks of the river Seine in Paris. The Tower become a global icon of France and one of the famous structures in the world. Now let’s talk about the garden design in Eiffel Tower. Beautiful garden was established around the tower with different types of flowers and plants. Combination of greenery with colorful flower make a comfortable place to relax or take photos.¬†Perfect place to spend my honeymoon next design photos in eiffel tower

Top of the tower is the most perfect place to see the exotic garden as a whole. From the top of the tower you will see the shape of actual design of garden. The garden design will help you find best places to enjoy the tower or take photos for your memories.

A colorful flower garden decorating one foot of the Eiffel Tower. Don’t worry when you visit the Eiffel Tower in winter season, you can still enjoy this garden by visiting the landmark. See my pictures collection of Eiffel Tower garden bellow to know more about beautiful scenery in fashionable city.