Garden Design Ideas

Choosing the garden design ideas that match with your home design is really simple, but if you don’t know what the type of your home model, it’s can be difficult and make you confused. Alright, now I will share you some tips to choose or designing the ideal garden for your lovely home. You will also get special and popular garden design ideas from me here. Any garden design you find here comes from real gardens and high class of gardeners who are part of the garden community center.

red flower garden design ideas

I know everybody loves the garden. A place to plant various types of plants you like such as flowers, vegetables, fruit or just make that as a place to rest with your family. However, due to limitations of space, money and time can make your garden is not maintained. It was horrible a house without a garden there. Now, let’s see some garden design ideas bellow and hopefully one of them match with your house and you can build it.

Roof Garden Design

Other options if you don’t have any area to plant your flowers. You can make your roof as a land to make your garden. I recommended to plant a small and mild plant like flowers, vegetable or grass. Good options for urban living.

Indoor Garden Design

The better place to make indoor garden are on the living room. You can relax the evening with your family while watching your plane growing up. Pretty good.

Hanging Garden

It’s can be good solution for you who have a high house. You can hanging your plant with big pot. But make sure you’re using strong rope to avoid any incident. You can place your hanging garden in a place that rarely passed as on the terrace, under stairs or porch.

Wall Garden Design Ideas

This is the most popular garden. You can use your wall as a beautiful garden. Plant some creeper to make more green looking or you can make a waterfall style with many stone or waters.

That’s another option if you haven’t any space to make garden. be creative and you will can get your ideal garden design ideas for your home.