Furnishing your home – what you should NOT do

Furnishing your home – what you should NOT do

We have written a good number of online posts dedicated to the rules, tips and do’s in modern interior design. So, we think that it is more than natural to bring to your attention a short article on what you should avoid doing, while furnishing your home. So here is a summarized list of the most common mistakes.
The first one goes to using mirrors or to be more precise not using enough mirrors in your apartment. You should by all means avail of their advantages – they will visually expand your interior, moreover since mirrors reflect the sunlight, your place will be brighter as a whole. There are so many shapes and frames that you will definitely find two or three, which will match your decoration style.


The second most common mistake is to overlook the furniture size. Now, we do admit that bigger pieces look much more impressive in the room that smaller ones. However, having in mind that modern homes are not that spacious, it is better to opt for smaller, functional units than buying bulky furniture, which will barely come through the door!

Moving on, we have the color misbalances. And by saying color, we mean not just the paint on the walls. Every decoration bit and interior element should be taken into consideration, since they all have a different shade and nuance. It is important to create small focus points and contrasting spots.

And last but not least, we should say that a rather common mistake is to pick the color for the room walls before you pick the furniture pieces and the decoration items. The truth is that this decision should not be rushed through. It is essential to try and imagine all the furnishing with all the shades, so that the wall colors can create a unique blend rather than an odd misbalance.