French windows for designing our homes

A French window (when hinged French door) is a large door-sized lattice light, typically set in pairs or multiples known as porte-fenêtre in France and portafinestra in Italy, they often overlook a terrace or a balcony, therefore these windows are used in modern houses. With French windows, there is a lot of light penetrating through and the houses are usually bright and sunny. French windows are often referred to as casement windows.

French windows

As seen in the picture, the windows open up into a balcony. The couch is turned in such a way that the light coming in through the windows does not affect the people sitting on it. The windows need to be thick so when the cold winter approaches the people staying in the living room can keep warm and cozy.  The curtains covering the windows are of creamy color.  The walls in which the windows are installed are PVC paneled.



French 2

In the other picture, we can see that the windows open up to a beautiful garden. The walls are PVC paneled here as well.  A lot of sunshine is coming in through the windows. That’s the biggest advantage of the French windows, as you can also keep indoor plants that require much sunlight, in order to survive. So for the flower lovers out there, French windows is what you need in your homes.

French windows are also suitable for our offices especially for car and furniture firms or when your office is in a tall building and has a wonderful view. In the picture, you can see the office chair and bureau are not facing the window to prevent sunlight obstruction to the eyes of the person using them. Quite a number of flower pots can be seen as well for the reason we stated earlier in this article. French windows make the room brighter and cozier especially on sunny days.

French windows in an office