French windows as a symbol of a luxurious interior design

French windows as a symbol of a luxurious interior design

Quite a few of our previous posts touch on contemporary homes, which the average family could afford. Today, we shall take things a bit further by writing about a luxurious and spacious home. So, let’s see what the main attraction points in the interior design here are. First, the pale, white walls are very typical of similar homes. They blend very well together with the dark wood floors forming quite a unique picture. If we are to take a look at this home’s lounge, we will notice that the colors used by the interior designer match those of the whole place. The dark wood floor is present again, while the white color has been chosen for the sofas. A very interesting attraction point in the whole room is formed by the purple pillows on the sofas. Those are, however, not meant to be an attraction point, more like a source of vigor and dynamics!

Let’s move on to the living room. The choice of colors differs a bit – quite a few brown nuances have been used. The carpet and the blinds match perfectly the wooden furniture and the sofas. As far as the lighting is concerned, the designed has chosen the small, subdued lamps that resemble small freckles, scattered along the ceiling. The idea here is more than obvious – the subdued light creates an atmosphere of relaxation. It is quite simple – use the window blinds to stop the sunlight from coming in and you have created your little oasis of calmness, where you could enjoy a movie for example!

At the beginning of the post, we mentioned that the subject of today’s article was a spacious home. The kitchen of this spacious home though has been built and furbished with one goal only – functionality. And functionality normally is typical for small spaces. This is also true in this case – the kitchen has a lot of cupboards and built-in appliances, so that anything the cook would need is within an arm reach. Such a small kitchen is a curse for some; however it could be a blessing for others, as long as you know where to look for whatever you may need in your kitchen activities.