French Country Kitchen

French Country Kitchen

French country kitchen popularity is no doubt. Futuristic design and keep maintaining the concept of the old village kitchen make every kitchen that was built with French country style is always have a high artistic value. You don’t need to worry if your house is built with modern concept because the French country kitchen can be built on all types of homes ranging from classical, modern or minimalist.white <span style=french country kitchen” width=”458″ height=”350″ />

In the French kitchen, everything is dominated by classic furniture ranging from selection of tools for cooking, stove, until the accessories are located around the kitchen. The white color that dominates kitchen featuring a clean, neat and modern look. However, this style is supported by its central point of the kitchen table from wood materials. The combination of classic design and the proper arrangement resulted in a modern kitchen that still comfortable.

A French style kitchen often have architectural hand made elements, ranging from flower carvings decorate in the door, the symbolize of green and hope in Europe. Section of the wall requires special attention if you want to have a real French country kitchen. The selection of natural stone as the cover of the wall should be in accordance with the concept and the selected color. You can use brick as a walls and fireplaces decoration that adorn the European classic feel more. The ceiling can be decorated with old pieces of wood arranged in a certain pattern. Do not give color to the wood because it can reduce the natural atmosphere. Better you coatings with melamine to make it look shiny and free of termites.

Design of a minimalist window becomes the easiest option and is very interesting. You can decorate it with small brightly colored curtains with your favorite motifs. On the outer side of the window can be decorated using the hanging pots and vine-type plants. French country kitchen is equipped with stylish wooden furniture features a farmhouse with a large wooden cabinet, and a hidden storage rack to make the kitchen more and more French-style minimalist and does not take up much space.

Because the large kitchen table, you can add a few chairs around it. When added a few chairs, the kitchen was able to become an arena for familiarizing themselves inter-family members.