French Country Interior Design

French Country Interior Design

French country interior design — Space with a relaxed atmosphere is elegant but still impressed prominent feature of the order of French Country. A relaxed style without losing the beautiful, makes this arrangement so easily accepted and applied. Apply a french country style with soft colors. French Country is a lot of fabric using soft colors create the impression of a warm and “welcoming”. So is the use of natural colors featuring rustic side. And usually a popular color for French Country is usually gray. Gray color makes French Country atmosphere thicker. French country interior design can add a festive layout of your home. Pay attention to carefully relevant and pilihlan furniture. Try all of space, color, furniture to be balanced.


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Europe in general, such as furniture, furniture used in the order of French Country are usually slim and small sized. But, still comfortable to use. To finish, there are natural left and just crushed it so that the exposed wood fibers there is also painted with ceruse techniques or hand painted brush texture making it more visible for french country interior design. Look there made vintage furniture with chipped-chipped in some parts, but actually new.


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To add variety in this order you can use a wrought-iron furniture. This furniture usually uses gold leaf finishing and re-coating is not easy to peel. Next, the interior fabrics are so characteristic of the style is French Country toile. Cloth with a white or cream background with color images usually have a story. Can be a view of an area, the couple who sat in the boat or under a tree or a person who was at work. It could also be as simple as drawing birds and flowers. In addition to toile, in order of French Country that is simpler and lighter shades are often used plain, plaid or stripes for french country interior design.