Floral Bedroom Ideas

Floral Bedroom Ideas

You want the feel of the flowers in your bedroom but still afraid to experiment with the design drawing murals on the walls of your bedroom? Try to use wallpaper and cutting sticker. But you’re still too afraid to use wall cover in your bedroom because his motives are too light in the eye? Let’s try to tackle your fears with some tips for your floral bedroom ideas below.

1.  Choose wallpaper with soft colors fill the motives that made you comfortable. Indeed, sometimes wallcover often make the room look crowded but try not to close one of your walls with wallpaper. Allow one or two wall sections remain empty as a counterweight to the motif. Choose a flower motif that tenuous if you want to cover the entire side wall of your bedroom.


vintage floral bedroom ideas



floral bedroom ideas



vintage floral bedroom


2.  Select the wallpaper with a white base layer that makes it more neutral to more easily combined with the design and your bedroom furniture.

3.  If you want to get a wallpaper pattern that’s easy to put together with another color or another pattern, find an element wallapaper neutral colors, like white or black. Neutral colors can balance and bind to two different compositions.

4. If you are still afraid to use the wallpaper, select a sticker for your bedroom. With your favorite floral motifs, you do not have to worry about using of this cutting stickers. Choose a flower motif painted at one of the walls plain with contrasting colors. You can adjust the size of your sticker flowers.


modern floral bedroom ideas



floral bedroom designs ideas



floral bedroom designs


5.  You can place the sticker on the partition screen or a mirror in your bedroom to show the impression of classic and modern all at once for your floral bedroom ideas.

If you have selected the wallpaper and cutting sticker as decorations embellish your floral bedroom ideas, consider maintenance. Both types of ‘cover’ this wall has a finite age. Approximately 3-5 years of wallpaper will look dull and sticker adhesive power is reduced. Begin to think back to immediately replace it.