Floral Bathroom Suites

Floral Bathroom Suites

Various kinds of ideas you can apply to your home interior. Including the bathroom. Get a bathroom that is ‘different’ can be done in an easy way is by the use of wallpaper and cutting sticker. If you want a touch of ‘beautiful’ in your bathroom, you need to try to design your bathroom with a touch of ‘interest’. Try this floral bathroom suites.


floral bathroom suites

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Start with mirrors, glass partitions, and walls in your bathroom. Not a real or artificial flowers, the flowers of this sticker. Once inside the bathroom, direct sweet charming. “A sprinkling of flowers” in the glass partition, in the mirror, on the wall, will make your bathroom look festive. Motif and a touch of bright color display eliminates the monotony of your floral bathroom suites.


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Then set the color theme. Red for the selection of floral design, could be considered unique. Big red tulips in your floral bathroom suites wall or two ornamental flower stalks in the tub will make your bathroom to be “not arbitrary”. Floral vine in many different colors can also be an alternative choice of floral decorations in your bathroom.


floral bathroom design ideas

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One thing to note if you want to decorate your bathroom with a sticker and wallpaper, be careful with moisture and water splashes. Both of these things can make a sticker cutting and peeling wallpaper easily. To avoid this, select an adhesive sticker with a fairly strong and resistant to damp. Just as your wallpaper, also had a sticker lifetime. Although it is still attached to the adhesive may be good, after about five years, usually cutting sticker color will fade. It’s time to replace your old sticker with new ones for your floral bathroom suites.