Five amazing garage design ideas

Your garage is not just the place, where you keep your car. A lot of guys spend a considerable amount of time in the garage, working on the car and tuning it. The garage needs to offer enough space for your vehicles, tool boxes, racks and everything else you need to have in the garage. In this post, we will show you five amazing garage design ideas.

luxury garage

This incredible, luxury garage is designed by Lou DesRosiers. This garage serves multiple purposes. First, it is used as a gallery to showcase the owner’s collection of cars, which includes a Bugatti Veyron, a Maserati MC12, a Ferrari F430 Spyder, and a Ford GT, among others. Second, the space is designed to be party-friendly, because a variety of large social functions are hosted there. And finally, the garage serves as an additional residential space for out of town guests. The architect Lou DesRosiers designed the garage addition, which is located across from the owner’s existing garage. The two are connected with a covered breezeway, which creates a courtyard, perfect for large social functions. Inside the garage, a mahogany wall system hides storage cabinets, placed on both sides of a black granite service bar. Showroom floor is covered with gray porcelain flooring. This garage has three floors, connected by a hidden elevator.


This incredible garage is designed by Holger Schubert, who participated in a garage design contest, held by the Italian sports car maker Maserati in partnership with Architectural Digest Magazine. This is the award-winning garage. It is located on the upper floor of a new addition to a ranch0style home on a downs-loping hillside lot. The garage overlooks the western part of Los Angeles. The garage is accessible via a driveway bridge, separate from the main entrance to the property’s motor court. The design features a spot for the car, plus a large open area for a couch, a TV and built-in book shelf in front of a large storage room. The garage area also includes a small kitchen, a bathroom and a library.


This garage is designed for a person, who likes to tinker cars all day long. It also features special outlets for catering companies. It basically has a kitchen installed for large catered parties. The garage flooring and the cabinets are bought online from a company, based in Chicago. Inside, there’s a restaurant sink with a sprayer, bought from a commercial restaurant kitchen supplier. This garage offers a large storage space and beautiful view outside, perfect for social functions.

modern garage

This modern garage is actually designed in 2001, but still looks quite modern. It is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The designer of this garage is Brunete Fraccaroli. It is a weird, but awesome combination between a garage and a residence. If you really love your car and want it inside the house, then this garage design is ideal for you. It will definitely impress all your guests. Trends of architecture and interior design are constantly changing over the years, with everything being reinvented. And garage designs are no exception. This garage has a living area with a gourmet space, lounge, home office, screen for movies, showers automated for washing car and several shelves to store the mechanic tools.

cool garage

The garage is a very important, yet quite often overlooked structure. The main purpose of the garage is to protect one of your most expensive possessions from the elements – the family car. The garage also provides tons of storage space. That’s why its role is very important. This next-generation free standing garage unit can quickly and easily turn your garage into a showroom. This garage offers built-in storage and features double-glazed window walls and ambient lighting.