Fireplaces – Classic marble and wooden

A good number of articles and posts have been dedicated to one of the most beloved interior design elements- the fireplace. This time, however, we shall take a closer look at the classic examples – mainly the marble and woodеn fireplaces.

Fireplace made from marbleThese are the two most preferred fireplace materials. Starting with the marble, we should say that this comes as no surprise having in mind that marble is the construction material which relates most deeply with the ancient examples of splendor in the interior design. This is due to its unique glamorous surface which blends perfectly with so many interior styles. Marble fireplaces are symbols of luxury and contribute immensely to the welcoming atmosphere of any room. The aesthetic advantages of this material cannot easily be overlooked. In terms of colors, red, brown, emerald and white are the top favorites. Fireplaces add beauty and class to any room, home or building.

The wooden fireplace



The second most extensively used material is wood. This time however, we are talking about wood as a coating material. Since it can easily catch fire and burst into flames, the wooden coating needs to be treated with the necessary substances, so that this risk of combustion can be eliminated. The most preferred applications in terms of fireplaces would be wooden panels lining. In case you need to add some rustic touches to the interior design, you can use a center crosspiece, which resembles a beam. Two side columns will add the finishing touches. Fireplaces are very popular architectural element. They set the scale and mood within any room.


The classic wooden and marble fireplaces are in the majority of cases embedded either thoroughly or partially in the surrounding walls This is done not only in an attempt to gain some extra space, but also as a strong motif in the room furnishing. Keep in mind that the leading trends are for classic lines with limited decoration, so do not place too many decoration items on and around the fireplaces, no matter how proud of them you are.