Ethnic modern bedroom design: Moroccan Bedroom Design

Ethnic modern bedroom design

Home with the material and unique interior and impressive natural beauty and natural. By adding the interior of the ethnic elements of your bedroom will look more unique. Eye would not be tired of looking at every corner of the bedroom. Following the idea of Ethnic modern bedroom design that you can apply in your bedroom interior. The following options could be considered. Moroccan architectural style.


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Moroccan architecture seemed to tell a long history of mixing of different cultures in the North African continent. The influence of Moorish culture, Arab and Berber produce concept art and architecture of a typical building decoration. Influence of Islamic decorative art can be seen from the use of Moorish motifs of flowers and plants in the interior of the room. Courtyard Roman architecture, adapted from another characteristic of Moroccan-style building. Let us see how the touch of Moroccan style bedroom on the interior of a dwelling.


etnic bedroom design



In the Moroccan-style layout, the architect usually adapt elements of simplicity, the room is relieved, and the harmony between the buildings with their environment. The walls are generally brown, tan, gray, green, orange, white, blue and a little red. The colors are taken from the color of the soil, moss, trees and natural stone in Morocco. Moroccan architecture because it often looks ‘plain’ at the exterior but the ‘full’ in the interior with geometric and floral designs and plants. You can use regular wall that was painted with the colors of earth tone shades of earlier. Moorish culture to color, complexity, and elegance in Moroccan architecture. We can apply decorative elements such as arches on doors and windows of your bedroom. Can be replaced with a wall carvings and detailed carvings on the furniture. The selection of a strong or soft colors of furniture and upholstery should be seen co-exist with the color of the walls and floor of your bedroom space with Ethnic modern bedroom design by¬†Moroccan bedroom ideas.