Enjoy the dancing colors on the stained glass

Today’s article will be dedicated to the application of a colored stained glass as a home décor element. As a matter of fact, this kind of glass is a unique art branch which dates back to the eleventh century. It was widely used in spiritual buildings, such as churches and temples. Naturally, the images that were depicted, related mostly to God and the divine spirits in nature. Nowadays, it has become a widely preferred decoration accent.

In order to have the final piece of art called stained glass, quite a few procedures should be implemented. The whole process is extremely remarkable, while at the same time it is very labor consuming. The glass is made of quarts, which while still in liquid form is merged with different metallic oxides, so that the various colors and shades can be achieved. The copper oxide for example gives the green color, the cobalt one provides for the blue nuances, while the gold oxide produces the red shades. Complicated, though it may seem, this is just the beginning of the whole process. The separate segments should be welded together using lead, so that the desired picture or ornament can be created.

stained glass

stained glass

Nowadays, the stained glass is widely used in the decoration of contemporary homes. Actually, its application is no longer limited just to windows and doors. You will see more and more spectacular glass sculptures or three dimensional elements. The only downside is that it can be expensive – the rates start from 500 USD and go up depending on the size and the picture or ornament that you want. The undisputed advantage is that you can confidently state that your items are one-of-a-kind, as it is very rare to have two identical pieces.

So, what was mainly used for arched windows in churches and temples has nowadays become a preferred decoration solution for the home interior. No matter whether you have opted for a window, a door or simply a small glass sculpture, make sure you do not “overdo” it by using too much stained glass in the interior.