Eco residence in Canada with impressive interior design

Midori Uchi is ultra modern residence, located in North Vancouver. This is one of the most “green” homes, designed once in Canada and it’s designers from studios like Naikoon Contracting and Kerschbaumer Design are proud with this prize. Actually the house is way more ecological, than you can image. It has whole three levels of green certification, including one of the most prestigious in Canada, like LEED Canada for Homes Platinum rating and Built Green Canada Platinum. If we succeeded to get your attention, than the fact that the residence produce more energy, than it loose, will impress you for sure.


The house has small front yard, which offers a few entries to different levels of the buildings. The backyard is spacious, studded with green grass, that looks absolutely amazing. Near the house, it is surrounded with wood fence, above which we see pots with high green plants. In combination with the soft lighting, they creates one wonderful atmosphere of seating on the comfortable couch, situated towards the big house.


Let’s go inside – There we find modern interior design, not less lovely than the facade of the building (even more). The huge main windows lets big amount of sunlight to get in, that softly is stroking each detail of the perfect interior design. In the living zone, we see beautiful wall with trendy fireplace and tv, placed above it.


The zone for eating is linked with the living room, which gives one modern openness to the premises. Here we find one simple decor, but at the expense of that filled with interesting elements. The table with natural edge and the combination between chairs and bench don’t let the decor to be monotonous.


You can go to the second floor by going on beautiful wood stairs with glass railing. The stairs are situated in the kitchen and has become part of its decor. And the kitchen itself is very big with modern and compact design, a few elements, to stand and plenty of straight lines.


The bedroom is with very interesting and strange design. The bath is separated from the sleeping zone just with one wood partition, reminding of massive fence. This is one extraordinary conception, but fully respond to the simple style of interior and nicely complement it.