Eccentric color combinations for interior design

Sometimes, people want to get away from the standard colors of their living room walls. The best way to do that is to use eccentric color combinations to spice up the interior design at home. If you don’t have an idea on which color combinations you want to use, before the end of the article you will.

color combinations

There are a lot of funky color combinations which can give your interior design the WOW effect. One of those combinations is gold and silver. You can easily go wrong with the color gold, so you need to be careful what you combine it with. Silver suits gold the most, but make sure you use darker silver for the color combinations.

eccentric color combo

Another eccentric color combination for your interior design is green and pink. It sounds like a weird combination, but it surely looks great. It can be great for the living room and kid’s rooms. Furnish using green furniture and you will create an amazing design and theme in the room. Combining orange and blue is also another good way to improve your interior colors.

colorful interior design

Blue is a cool, calming color that’s often used for accents and highlights, but just as often used as the main color in a room.  Orange is a bright, energetic color that, if used at all, is used sparingly in most homes (unless it’s time to put up the Halloween decorations) since it can easily be overdone.  Bright orange, especially, is not something many people consider when decorating their homes.

turquoise interior design

Color combinations are perfect when done the right way. Make sure you use colors that can go with each other to create a funky and eccentric look. There is nothing wrong in trying anyway. Make some color combinations by yourself and see how it looks. If you have more ideas on eccentric color combinations, please write them down in the comments section. We would love to hear them.