DIY Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Bathroom remodeling is a major project, which requires careful planning and prioritizing. If you already have the necessary skills and experience, you can try DIY bathroom remodeling. In this post, we will give you a few tips. Read them just to make sure you’re not forgetting something.

Start your DIY bathroom remodeling by drawing a rough sketch of the new bathroom with the placement and measurements of all fixtures.

layout plan

Gather all the materials from the bathtub and sink to the minute details like screws and washers.


Take out all the furniture and fixtures you’ll be replacing.

bathroom remodeling

Once everything has been removed, continue your DIY bathroom remodeling by installing the new items in their places.


When all this is done, decorate the bathroom. This is the fun part.


Bathroom remodeling can make quite a mess. After you’ve placed all the new furniture and fixtures, clean your bathroom thoroughly. Do this before you decorate your new bathroom.