Dining Room Classic Retro Floral

Dining Room Classic Retro Floral

Floral with a touch of classic retro furniture makes the dining room look feminine. Floral theme was chosen to enhance your dining room classic. The selection of motif floral upholstery, wallpaper a room or a touch of flower painting in the selection of the dining room made to look feminine. Thus the character makes the room feel more gentle and friendly. To make the room feel more spacious you can create the illusion of a view by using a mirror. Not only serves to “expand” space, a large framed mirror also serves as a decorative element. Which was originally a plain wall, become more attractive with its presence.


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The use of furniture and classic retro style accessories, looking very fit combined with a floral motif. Despite impressive past, but your dining room classic will not look that old. To make it still look modern, furniture design and color selection is an important consideration. Floral motifs in the form of large flower itself is one of the classic style features. The selection of retro colors like pink, light green or cream to make your room will still look modern.


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Similarly, the design of furniture. Classic retro classic style or tempo, not only furniture, furniture is large and heavy looking. You can choose furniture or accessory classic retro style, but more simple and streamlined design. You can choose the form of a rounded seat at the top, typical or classic retro style chairs simple design with slim legs. Unlike the classic-style chairs in general, the legs tend to be large and decorated with various ornaments for your dining room classic.


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Similarly, the choice of accessories. The addition of the chandelier above the dining table will support your classic style dining room. But choose the use of ornaments and golden colors are minimal for your dining room classic so that your chandelier can look more modern as well.