Design your own bathroom

Nowadays, the bathroom is no longer considered as a utilitarian space. Homeowners are taking another look at the bathroom, and finding that it’s a great place to bring quality of life into the home. Bathroom design these days blends both form and function, and creates a space where you can relax. The shower or bath tub is a great place to start your bathroom design project. A large whirlpool bathtub is beautiful and luxurious. On the other hand, if your space is limited, stand-alone showers have come a long way. The latest trend is multiple shower heads for a more relaxing experience.

The walls of the bathroom we are showing you today are white, and have portraits of trees and fallen leaves, emphasizing on the fall period. The lighting in the room consists of 12 light sources and bulbs which provide a good amount of light in the room, as there are no windows. Lighting designs have come a long way and are the perfect finishing touch for a modern bathroom design.
The bathroom has a ceramic rectangular bathtub and a shower cabin. The bathroom sink is ceramic and the faucet used to design it is quite unique. A large mirror stands above the sink. They used to be simple: rectangular, with the old rounded edges, maybe a medicine cabinet hiding behind there. But in modern bathroom design, the mirror is another great way to bring personality to your most personal of rooms.



The corners of the bathroom are designed with small seamless tiles from top to bottom.  The toilet seat is white like everything in the bathroom. The floor is made up of porcelain tiles. Traditional porcelain tile is durable, straightforward, and sensible, but these days, ceramic and stone are the materials of choice. Electrically-heated flooring keeps your feet warm on those cold winter mornings and radiates warmth through your whole bathroom, so if you are going for a really modern bathroom, consider this fact.