Daylight House Design by Takeshi Hosaka Architects

Daylight House Design by Takeshi Hosaka Architects

Takeshi Hosaka Architects have designed the new Daylight House in Yokohama, Japan. This home does not have opportunities to make use of exterior sight lines or even want to be part of their industrial surroundings. And still is a delight to enjoy by the smart use of natural light from sources of light, that illuminate, entertain, and seduce for this interior, of a home with sophisticated room in daylight house by takeshi hosaka

The furnishings and kitchen certainly can be criticized, however it is also those two elements that can make this home sing. The’re a special spaces in the roof that controlling the air for some purposes and bellow what Takeshi Hosaka as the architects said:

There is an air space between the acrylic surface and the roof, and forced air is used to eject air heated by the sun in summer out of the building, while movement of the air is stopped in winter to use the air layer as a thermal buffer to ensure the thermal environment indoors is stable.

After entering the building, you will see unbelievable lighting effect in the sky which illuminates the building day and night. This house was named “Daylight House.” Daylight doesn’t easily indicate light from the sun, but intended to lighting techniques throughout the day.