Dark Kitchen

Dark Kitchen

Dark kitchen — The kitchen is one of the most important points at home. Because in this place, the activities of the household begins each morning. Having a house, especially the spacious kitchen, is the desire of some people. But unfortunately, limited land and high land prices make home area is quite difficult to obtain. Designing a kitchen that looks spacious requires careful calculation and requires clever tricks. Here’s some design ideas for your kitchen.


dark kitchen cabinets and dark floors



dark kitchen



Colors have a very important role in the design of the kitchen. Staining techniques are required room unique, beautiful, yet refreshing to conform to the concept of a cool kitchen. Dark color identical to the gloomy and dark. To apply the dark color of the kitchen may be too risky. However, dark colors make your kitchen look elegant and stately. Dark colors can be an option as it seemed sturdy and all our activities in the kitchen so it looks more dominant. So you need not hesitate to apply dark colors in your kitchen and make dark kitchen.


dark kitchen cabinets with light granite


If you choose a dark color, you must think of the color black. You can use the black for the color of your kitchen cabinet or island. Pair with a slightly lighter color such as silver metal on the chairs in your kitchen and kitchen accessories for the kitchen was too dark. Placement of the kitchen near the window is also an alternative to the kitchen is not cramped. If you do not like the color black, but wanted to design your kitchen with a dark color, you could consider a dark brown or dark purple. This color will give the impression of a sturdy and elegant as well. Pair with ceramic floor and lighting that fits right, then even if you choose a dark color for your kitchen, your kitchen does not look crowded, dull and dark — dark kitchen.