Creative Office Design Ideas

If you’re going to design your own office, and if the job itself, and the company you’re working for allows it, you can get creative with it. It is pretty easy to get inspired to do this – just go online and look at some photos of the amazing Google or Lego offices. Of course, you don’t need to have the space and resources of these companies to create your own, unique work space. In this post, we will show you a few creative office design ideas.

You can take some of the Google office design ideas for their office in Sydney, Australia and create you own green, eco-friendly working space. This is a great way to show your support for the environment and all the movements of people, trying to protect it. Besides, plants make for great interior decoration. Their natural green color has a relaxing effect on your eyes, which will help you reduce the negative effects from the computer screen. Plans can also reduce stress, which helps increase your productivity and work efficiency.

Google office

green officeIf you love the photos of Google offices, just like we do, you can take some other office design ideas from them and make them work for your space. Who wouldn’t want to work in such an awesome environment? You don’t need to buy all these amazing furniture and entertainment equipment, but you can bring some fun colors to your office. This will stimulate your creativity, alleviate any tension and make you feel comfortable in your work place. Who knew that working can be such an exciting routine activity?

Google offices

colorful officeAnother example for creative office design ideas is the office of Parliament Design in Portland, Oregon. The place looks simply stunning with elegant woodwork and custom-made furniture. And everything is made from recycled materials – the walls are paneled with real firewood, cabinet doors are made from old crates, tables are made from barns and so on. With some creativity and a few recycled items, you can design a truly inspiring space on a budget.


office design ideasThese are just a few examples of how other people’s creative office design ideas can be put to practical use in your office. We hope we’ve inspired you to give shape to your own ideas. We’ll be happy to see the results.