Create a furniture heaven for your pet

Create a furniture heaven for your pet

There are simply a million posts and articles based on the comfort and functionality that modern furniture can offer. An apartment or house becomes really a home, when it is properly furnished. And while the accent more or less has always been on human beings and their well-being and comfort, we decided that it is high time a post on pet furniture was written.

Yes, pets just like us can benefit a lot from having comfortable and functional furniture. Therefore, we have come up with a few ideas on how you can create the perfect, yet unique furnishing bits to please your animal friends. Since dogs and cats are much more common, we have concentrated on a few suitable solutions for them.


Let us get started with our first ideas. Instead of throwing away the old suitcase, you might use it to create a small relaxation spot for your pet. Arrange small pillows on the inside, put an old sweater on top and you are good to go. All the compartments of the suitcase can be used to store the toys of your naughty pet. An interesting and stylish solution would be to use an old TV set. Take all parts out including the screen. Arrange small pillows in the same way and will have a smart vintage-style relaxation spot, which your pet will enjoy to the max.
Another clever idea for cats especially would be to arrange stepwise a few shelves on the wall starting from as low as the floor. Arrange books, so that half of the shelves are empty. This way you will have a unique library on the wall, while your cat will enjoy wall climbing!

For those that feel skillful enough, try creating a small action playground by using a few cylindrical baskets, similar to the office bins. Paint them in a matching color which will blend well with the interior and glue them together using silicon or another adhesive. A similar structure can be created for your hamster. This time however use cans rather than bins!

In conclusion, keep in mind that providing comfort for your pets will not really cost much, if anything at all. Just help your imagination come up with a few ideas and you will have a thankful pet for a long time!