Cozy home – tips and trends

Interior design is all about creating a cozy home, while at the same time building an atmosphere of elegance, comfort and warmth. Apart from that it should also reflect the unique individuality of the home owners, so that the interior can reflect thoroughly their strong sides. There are however, a few adjectives, which literally everyone would like to be able to assign to their dwelling place. You would also like to live in a comfortable, elegant, stylish, cozy and warm ambiance, wouldn’t you?

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So, let us focus on a few tips, which will help you design your dream place. Starting with the floors, we should say that the most preferred flooring solutions are parquet, laminate or granite. Additional details that should by all means be taken into consideration are the high ceilings, the large pipes in the bathrooms, the rounded plasterboard walls, the sloped walls, the staircases with wrought iron in the doorway, etc. All of them can play a vital role in creating the desired atmosphere at home as long as they fit in the overall design concept.

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The use of natural elements in the home décor is also particularly noticeable. Tropical wood such as bamboo or rattan can add an exotic touch, while the stone applications can provide for a classic and stylish setting with a rustic hint. The wood coatings are another widely used approach, which together with plaster ornaments on the ceilings and the use of glass in the interior can just be the missing pieces for a truly unique design experience. A warm and a cozy home is a blessing.

Embedded libraries, ornamented bookshelves, carved wine barrels and arched ceilings form the next portion of interior elements that top the current trends. The finishing touch to all this is added by the proper lighting. Subdued and peripheral lights can place the focus on a particular area in your home or underline the exclusiveness of a decoration masterpiece. Teamed up with a skillfully executed suspended ceiling for example, the lighting can provide for an amazing visual show thus facilitating the creation of a cozy home.