Cozy and beautiful interior of small kitchen in white and green

The Kitchen – the place where some of us spend most of their time where we are creating culinary delights, or preparing something quickly. No matter how much time we spend there, our kitchen should be comfortable, practical and, not least, to have beautiful design giving us all we want to see. All this is difficult to achieve, especially when the kitchen area is small. Today we will look at a small kitchen where all this is achieved, and its design can give you some ideas and guidelines.


The kitchen is part of a not very large apartment in Russia and its design is intended for a young couple leading a dynamic lifestyle. Work, sports, business meetings, trips – that life has certain effect on the owners needs, so that the interior of the house, and including the kitchen must be fully consistent with them, so that it can bring more joy to our lives, no matter how good we live.


Two main colors are involved in – white and an incredible shade of green that is as close as possible to that of the natural vegetation. The combination of both colors work toning, gives security and white glazed surfaces gives a modern finish to the kitchen equippment which is complement to the functionality and style required.


There are three main criteria on which he worked while he rebuilt the interior and are functionality, ergonomics and ease of use. And these are exactly the criteria by which they were selected and appliances that are both beautiful, functional and modern. Dishwasher, washing machine, stove with an optimal set of programs and coffee machine – they are all great and very comfortable.


And last but not least, we should mention the built-in ceiling ventilation system which makes the kitchen the most convenient and practical.



What do you think of this small but awesome kitchen?