Country-style tendencies in contemporary kitchens

Country-style tendencies in contemporary kitchens

It s true that present day’s kitchens have been designed with one clearly defined purpose – offer maximum functionality for the housewife. The problem is that sometimes our attempts to get high-tech household appliances and turn the cooking area into a functional hub go a step further, so we end up with something that looks more like a spaceship than a kitchen. It is therefore, understandable that many of us crave for some romantic, warmer surroundings in the cooking area.
This can easily be achieved by using wooden tables and chairs and creating a small dining area, which gently penetrates into the kitchen. Rattan and bamboo can do miracles, so a few exotic wood touches will enrich the interior design and provide a much more welcoming atmosphere.

The good think is that manufacturers are also keeping an eye on the current tendencies, so they have also come up with a few ideas, which can satisfy our thirst for something more county-like. Imagine a kettle, wrapped in rattan or a toaster with a picturesque drawing on the body – this is actually on the market! As a matter of fact, there are so many household appliances with unconventional design, style and color that you will definitely find something for your kitchen. Instead of buying a dull white washing machine, you can purchase a terracotta one. Yellow and beige appliances will also be a good change.

Remember, that you can also use your imagination and literally draw on the surfaces in your kitchen. This way, you will create something exclusive, which will by all means be one-of-a-kind. Just keep in mind that the paint you use is non-toxic. After all, the kitchen is the place where you will prepare food for your family and yourself, so health comes first.