Cottage Garden Design Ideas

Cottage garden design ideas. The cottage gardens first born in England by some diligent farm wife. But, the cottage garden more popular in US than in England.  After spread to various places in the world, the cottage garden has been modified into various style adapt to local trends and culture. In US, cottage garden use to decorating small backyard with colorful flower. In Asia, the cottage use to planting some vegetable and fruit in one place.hardys cottage garden design ideas

Cottage garden similar to vegetable garden on the appearance and function. You can’t place some garden elements or ornamental there because no available place to make you able to do. Most of cottage garden planted with small food crops such as fruit on the pot and vegetable so the owner could actually eat something from there. In the past, you can find many types of plants that grow there. Weeds, grass, flowers, weeds flourish there. It’s the different of cottage garden. You will see an exotic garden views when some flower blooming. Blend of colorful flowers with hedge shrubs will show you a small heaven in your home.

Some people consider the cottage garden was dirty, chaotic and hasn’t artistic value, but it doesn’t apply here because you will see amazing cottage garden design ideas. Check this out.

You can create your own beautiful cottage garden design easily. Just going into your garden and planting your favorite plants. Remove all pots, seed beds so there are no bare spaces in the garden. Plant every inch of space with as narrow pathways as you can make it. Last step, build simple garden fence with wood or bamboo to protect your plants. That makes a beautiful cottage garden in a small area.