Cool Minimalist Bathroom

Cool Minimalist Bathroom

Cool Minimalist Bathroom — For those of you who have a large bathroom is certainly not too dizzy bathroom interior design. But what about the minimalist bathroom? Minimalist bathroom can be designed as possible so that the impression remains widespread. The selection of colors you need to watch the bathroom. You can combine the dark and bright colors. To aid the impression of vast minimalist bathroom, then you can add a large mirror or adequate lighting.


Cool Minimalist Bathroom



minimalist bathroom design ideas


If you use a dark color, the lighting should be brighter. Application of a large plain tiles make the room look more spacious for your Cool Minimalist Bathroom. Derivative color combinations combined with floral motif marble motif, will give the impression of luxury and elegance. Ceramic plate with metal motif, unique, interesting and attractive. Modern and reflected a strong impression as well. Arrange the distribution of ceramic grout lines starting from the middle of the room so that the remaining pieces of pottery from every angle to be symmetrical. If you use the size of the ceramic floor and wall grout lines are different so the floors and walls are not met, then you can install ceramic floor with a diagonal position.


Minimalist Bathroom


This important and essential to note in the bathroom is making privacy and health. Comfort when using the bathroom or doing activities in the bathroom should also be taken into account in the concept of interior design. Access to the bathroom should also be easy to reach. Another thing in interior design in addition to the bathroom and noticed provacy health must also consider the following matters. Circulation of air in the bathroom well, so it is not trapped inside. Besides the bathroom vents should be directed to the outdoors (avoid into the room). The bathroom should also be designed to incorporate a lot of sunlight, namely through the skylight. Mayahari light enough to dry the bathroom faster, so the mold, mildew, and bacteria do not multiply. For accessories, selected a more captivating. For glass shower door and choose a higher quality. Choice of quality in the end will make you happy because the jamb and the door leaves are not easily diherogoti termites. Glass is also very varied and not broken. Use a toilet seat that has a lid. To make it look neat and clean — Cool Minimalist Bathroom.