Contemporary loveseat designs

A loveseat is a couch designed to seat two people and usually has two cushion seats. A contemporary loveseat can create a beautiful focal point in your living room. It is also a comfortable spot, which helps you create a certain style in your home.

You can find a sofa and loveseat combo in stores. We would recommend staying away from this combo.  You are not likely to see a sofa and loveseat combo in interior design magazines for a reason. This combination limits your furniture arrangement options, because the only way it looks right is to arrange them in an L shape in a rectangular living room. A better option is to buy two matching furniture pieces – a couch and a loveseat, for example. This way your arrangement options become more flexible. For a large living room, you can place your couch and loveseat back to back and create two separate seating areas. Alternatively, you can place them facing each other with a table in between.

red loveseat

A contemporary loveseat will impact the look and feel of your living room for years to come, since this is not a piece of furniture we replace very often. Before you choose a new loveseat, take your time and compare the different styles, sizes, construction and maintenance requirements to find the one that suits your needs and matches best the style of your home.

purple loveseat

It is easy to compare prices and designs online or in a catalog, but if you are looking for a new, contemporary loveseat, we would suggest taking your family out with you and try on the different options. To ensure your new loveseat will last long, choose a high-quality piece. Inspect the fabric, the arms and the backrests and the stitching.


A contemporary loveseat will make for a great addition to your modern living room. This is a must-have piece of furniture. Choose wise, because you will live with it for quite some time.