Contemporary foyer table designs

Make the entrance to your contemporary home stand out with a beautiful, modern foyer table. A foyer table can truly transform the space. It will serve as a place to display valuable decorative items and give you a storage option for keys or mail.


A contemporary foyer table, made from metal, with a glass surface will give your hallway a stunningly modern look. Its metal base has a large-scale satin finish and a high-sheen black base. This table looks very beautiful. The floating glass top provides enough surface space to display various decorative pieces.


This beautiful foyer table has a rich finish, which accentuates the tones of the solid construction. The table will look elegant wherever it’s placed. If features a sturdy top, a drawer and a shelf, which makes it perfect to place a table light and display some treasured family photos.

foyer table

This unique foyer table is handcrafted in Indonesia from bayur and dolken wood with a weathered finish. Its legs are constructed of actual tree branches, skillfully positioned to provide a sturdy base. This beautiful foyer table will add a rustic accent and charm to any hallway.

foyer tables

This modern foyer table has a classic black finish to accentuate the simple lines. It can complement virtually any home décor. The foyer table features a wide, thick top surface, supported by two thick vertical bases. It has a hidden center drawer, perfect for keys and mail storage. The table frame is made from medium fiber board and strength-enhancing veneer for a solid foundation. This modern foyer table will add a beautiful accent to your hallway.

modern foyer table

This sleek and modern foyer table offers a beautiful, contemporary approach to décor. It’s made from polished stainless steel and provides a unique accent to your modern interior, while offering unlimited possibilities. Besides in the hallway, it can be placed behind a couch or seating, next to a dining table or used as extra storage in your living area, or office.