Contemporary California home with Mediterranean accents

In today’s post, we would like to show you this amazing contemporary California home. It features modern interior design with Mediterranean accents. This house is perfect for a summer vacation home, where you can relax and forget about work for a while.

At first, it may be hard to find the Mediterranean accents in this modern California home. But look at the white walls, finished in stucco, the concrete accents, the patio with seating area and a pool, the columns, and the wrought iron balconies. All these elements are characteristic to the Mediterranean-style houses, particularly in Spain, France and Italy. In this contemporary California home, these elements are mixed with modern interior and exterior design. All this makes the place perfect for recreation.


patio areaThe living room has a gray-and-red color scheme. The furniture are really comfortable. When you sit in some of the chairs, it feels like you sink and immediately forget about your worries. This feeling of softness and coziness is enhanced by the gray, shaggy carpet. It adds warmth to the atmosphere of the living room. You can imagine how that carpet feels between your toes just by looking at the pictures. The huge, flat-screen TV is ideal for movie nights.

living room

living room designThis contemporary California home also has a small home office with glass walls. The glass walls and the large windows let in natural light, making the space bright and airy. You can watch your kids play by the pool or your spouse read a book in the living room, while you’re working. The home office has a huge, built-in shelving unit, where you can keep books, files and papers. This incredible office definitely stimulates creativity.


This contemporary California home with Mediterranean accents is a dream come true. It has a soothing atmosphere, perfect for relaxation. At the same time, it can provide tons of fun for your family and friends.