Contemporary bathroom design in red and white

Red is a great choice of color for modern interior design. Red is the color of blood and fire and represents life and vitality. It is a great color for bathroom interior, but we would suggest using it only as an accent in your bathroom. In this post we will give you a few ideas about contemporary bathroom design in red and white.

If you have a big bathroom, you can paint the walls in red. This will create an interesting background for the white bathroom furniture, fixtures and accessories. The red color will give your bathroom a beautiful, modern look. To complete this look, choose a contemporary white bathtub with an oval shape. You can pair it with a modern round or oval free standing bathroom sink. Choose a mirror with an interesting shape and a hanging chandelier, and your modern bathroom is almost ready to use. Hanging chandeliers are a popular choice in contemporary bathroom design.

red-and-white bathroom

red-and-white bathrooms

For a smaller bathroom it is not a good idea to paint the walls red. The red color will make the bathroom seem even smaller. In this case it is better to choose white for the walls. Light-colored walls, floors and ceilings will give you the illusion of more space and make the bathroom look and feel airy and bright. Use red color to create a few accents in your bathroom. You can go for red wall decoration or install a few red floor tiles, shaping an interesting pattern.

red bathroom decoration

red bathroom accents

Yet another option for your modern red-and-white bathroom interior is to leave most of the interior white and install red bathroom fixtures and vanities. A modern red bathtub with an oval shape would look great in the white background. Red bathroom counters and cabinets are another solution. For a white bathroom you can also choose red shower enclosure, bathroom accessories and towels.

red bathtub

red bathroom cabinets

The red color can symbolize many things like blood, love, infatuation. Basically, it is the color of strong emotions like energy, passion and aggression. That’s why red is a great choice for accents in your bathroom, rather than the main color.