Concept for living zone, reflecting your individuality

The new collection for decoration of day zone ADULIS of french manufacturers Gautier, offers one different concept for creation of stylish and functional environment for living, that we are pretty sure those who chech the article will understand how skillful this team are and what is their way of thinking.


The visual lightness and elegant refinement of shapes, unobtrusively presence and smooth adaptation to interiors in different styles characterized collection ADULIS, including section, TV place, living and dining room tables, diversity of colorful decisions for chairs, which creates one more fresher and pleasant place to stay and chill.

The living room sections are available in different sizes – 275/244 sm; 206/159 sm, also and in three colors – white, a pear, graphite. Quite extraordinary and extravagant also bold decision, put smile on everyones faces as a result.


With it’s clean lines and different shapes, separates elements of the collection for decoration of living room ADULIS can be configured in different ways, corresponding to the outlook and size of exact place, also and to fit in every interior design, as to achieve great look and pleasant atmosphere of the premises.


The dining tables are available in rectangle and round shapes, in different colors of the raft, and an option for extension.

The concept of ADULIS collection gives great ability to use your own imagination, as to bring more elegant way, bright color accents in your home and to create corresponding with your individual preferences an elegant and functional trendy living zone.

The chairs are made in long range of combinations between colors of seats and seatbacks – this offers more than 20 options for choice and combination with different interior decisions of the living room, also and turning the chairs in individual color accents. At large, the team standing behind this project, creates one live place that carry significant energy, and by rearranging it, in the end the result is the same, still one unique soul.