Colored lighting for your home

Colored lighting affects our senses much more than bright walls or objects. With just the click of the button, colored lighting is able to change our mindset, to intensify or otherwise – to delay certain processes in the body, and to transform the entire interior. Colored lighting is successfully used in bars and restaurants, where its main purpose is to create a special atmosphere, so why not take the advantage of this light and color to your homes? Wouldn’t you like to turn your room white, purple, pink, or blue by nightfall when outside is dark?

colored lighting


bedroom lighting

Blue colored glowing lights help stimulate brain activity and increase concentration and thought. Therefore, blue glow creates the perfect atmosphere for work or studying. For the home office, you can provide a blue table lamp or other colorful lighting sources. You may also opt for fabulous green. Green is the color of living nature and tranquility. Depending on the shade you choose, you can achieve different effects for your room. Dark green light helps soothe and helps for sleeping.

lighting tips

Red for interior colored lighting is meant for passion. All shades of this color awaken libido and prepare the body for feats. Use red colored lighting to improve your sex life. Use it in the bedroom and bathroom if you like. The red light however, stimulates the nervous system and you may have trouble sleeping with it. You may go for a purple inspiration for your home. Purple is known to support creative inspiration and is preferred by artists all over the world.

lighting ideas

It is best to use colored lighting like decorative objects – not as an essential element in the interior, but as a side-effect of creating one or another mood. Choose a neutral light for your home, and have some appropriate colored lighting on the side in the form or table lamps or bulbs