Classic Foyer

Classic Foyer

Classic foyer — Classic style suitable for those who want to display in life establishment. Occupancy this time the American Classical style, slightly different from the European Classical. The beauty of classic American art has been seen since the reception / foyer. A large wooden table immediately greeted every guest who comes to the beauty of detailed craftsmanship.


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You can start with a carved wood console table. Indeed the classical style of European origin. So it is with classic American style which brought European sailors to the Americas. One of the differences can be seen from the look of furniture. Classic American style has a darker color and warmth. His finishing is often seen not glossy like the European classics. Although the form of a console table in the room is not unlike the classic European style, see how the silver-colored engraving on the table leg does not look shiny.


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Choose wisely mirror and wall lights. As a reception center point, use a circular mirror. Mirror frames made of wood carved with motifs like peacock feathers on the legs console table. The mirror was flanked by two wall lamp. Classic American trait can be seen from the shape and detail the two lamps are made of metal. Finishing on the classic American style is not made ​​of metal like a classic European look shiny. Even the light looks like a grandmother’s legacy lights to her grandson. Uniquely, it radiates a luxurious feel of these objects.