Cozy winter home

The decreasing temperature outside and the shortening day make our homes even more attractive, as we start to spend the better part of the day at home. Therefore, we have come up with a few practical tips, which aim to help you turn the apartment into a cozy winter home. Our recommendations are based on […]

Heating radiators in interior design

Heating radiators in interior design Heating systems in modern homes are widely used, since the appropriate temperature is part of the overall atmosphere and influences significantly the way we feel when inside. Heating systems can be local or central, but they are all based on the use of heating radiators. The only issue that arises […]

Smart tips and twists for small apartments

We hate to repeat it, but contemporary homes just lack enough space. The situation becomes even worse when peculiar facades eat up the limited space on the inside by creating oddly shaped niches and corners. This makes it very difficult for the inhabitants to store all the household items, let alone the pieces of clothing. […]

Mixing design styles in the apartment decor

Mixing design styles in the apartment decor Every interior design project follows the rules of a certain style – contemporary, classic, etc. The idea behind today’s post is to comment on one of our interior design projects, which aims to blend elements from two quite different decor techniques. The goal is to combine contemporary design […]