A unique design for your home’s hallway

Designing your hallway, corridor or entryway sometimes requires even more effort than designing your living room, bedroom or kitchen. However, the design of the hallway or walk-through room as they are sometimes called should fit into the overall style of the home. The interior design of the home hallway should be functional. The hallway is […]

Parquet floor for home design

Parquet floor consists of inlaid wood tile squares or rectangles with repeating patterns made from short strips of wood. The tiles are made from wood or wood veneers and are installed using nails. Parquet floor tiles are available in a wide variety of colors. Parquet tiles are durable and relatively inexpensive and enhance the appearance […]

Living room projects and ideas

A living room is meant to be used, lived in, and loved all the time not only on special occasions or when company comes over. The main secret to having a living room that you can truly live in everyday is the material choices you select. The couch is most often the largest piece of […]