Home office lighting ideas

A major trend in the last decade is the use of a home office to conduct business related activities. The lighting configuration is essential when organizing a home office. A home office that is dimly lit or dark could eventually lead to eyestrain, and reduce productivity due to the fatigue factor. The wrong lighting configuration […]

How to design a small office

No matter the size of the office you are designing, you need to make it as comfortable as you can. After all, it is a place where people carry out their daily work activities, so the more comfortable it is, the more work will be done.  Every office must have comfortable chairs and desks which […]

How to choose an office desk

Desks are used in an office setting for various activities such as reading or writing on or using a computer. Your office desk is all about you. It’s your home base. It’s your work space as well as your private domain. While the selection of other office furniture must necessarily take into consideration the requirements of others, your desk […]

French windows for designing our homes

A French window (when hinged French door) is a large door-sized lattice light, typically set in pairs or multiples known as porte-fenêtre in France and portafinestra in Italy, they often overlook a terrace or a balcony, therefore these windows are used in modern houses. With French windows, there is a lot of light penetrating through and the houses are usually bright […]

Glass furniture for a modern home

  The use of glass furniture for decorating our homes  is increasing and there is a reason for that.  Glass furniture make our homes look unique. A lot of people are familiar with the glass coffee tables which they use for their living rooms, but apart from the tables, glass furniture such as desks, doors […]