Eco residence in Canada with impressive interior design


Midori Uchi is ultra modern residence, located in North Vancouver. This is one of the most “green” homes, designed once in Canada and it’s designers from studios like Naikoon Contracting and Kerschbaumer Design are proud with this prize. Actually the house is way more ecological, than you can image. It has whole three levels of […]

Decorative metal fencing

Fencing is currently not only stronger, but also much more durable due to the improved materials and technology available. With these same materials and vast technological improvements of today, fencing using wrought iron and steel is more common than ever. Nowadays when you consider fencing, it should be not only for protective measures, but also […]

Home insulation tips

Home insulation will keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Properly insulated houses also use less energy for cooling and heating. Hence, if you hire a professional to insulate your home, you will save money and reduce your utility bills. Insulation is an energy saver and it also makes houses […]

Utilize your balcony to the max

Every apartment and a two or more story building have a balcony, but not every balcony is being utilized. When you’re buying or renting an apartment, it’s always a challenge deciding what to do with the balcony – as a result, many people leave it bare or just use it as storage for bikes and […]