Outdoor water fountains for your home

Water fountains are meant to add elegance and class to our home’s outdoor. Water fountains have been used for centuries to decorate the backyard of peoples’ homes that can afford it. They are used both in the interior and exterior to enhance the beauty of any place. The soft sound of water gently flowing from […]

Garden watering and maintenance

Choosing the right type of water pumps is critical for the functionality of your garden. If you choose the wrong pumps, it may cause a lot of damage to your plants and flowers and can to some extent, render it useless.  Garden water pumps are different from regular equipment used to bring water to our […]

Decorative garden stones

Garden design is the art and process of designing and creating plans for layout and planting of garden landscapes. Garden designs can be done by the owners themselves, or by professionals of varying levels of experience and expertise.  Decorative garden stones such as black pebbles, amber pearl stones, white pebbles, gravel, marble stones and many […]

Small Garden Ideas

Small Garden Ideas Small garden ideas — Creating a small garden area to be green takes a special trick. Want to know, see steps following a small green land. Actually, a limited area should not be a hindrance to create green space in the yard. Many interesting ideas that you can apply. These will be […]

Animal Shaped Planters

Animal Shaped Planters Animal shaped planters — Planters that can indeed bring a new atmosphere. You just simply re-arranging the layout or plants in planters, either hanged or be nested to make it look more attractive. Lucky planters designs nowadays more diverse and easily aligned with the style of home design. Starting from barium cement, […]