Japanese Gazebo Design

Japanese Gazebo Design Gazebo comes from the word Gaze (UK), which means looking at, and Ebo (Latin) meaning out, so that their meaning more or less become the place to look out. From that sense, you can illustrate that indeed the gazebo, designed as a place to sit and relax while looking around the house.  […]

Slope Garden Design

Slope Garden Design Building a garden in sloping yard is not difficult if you know what the most suitable garden design and know some basics in your mind before building garden on yards. Only lot of people is fortunate to have a flat ground and the others have less than ideal yard conditions to building […]

Landscaping Ideas for Front Yard

Landscaping Ideas for Front Yard Some people say “The first impression is everything” or “only 20 seconds for a first impression”. These words are very classical and we often hear from teachers or our parents. This also applies to your home, especially for the front yard as the forefront of house. The front yard conditions […]

Bricks Vertical Garden Design

Bricks Vertical Garden Design Two things need to be prepared before we build a bricks vertical garden. The first is a Gutter or a ditch that was built at the bottom of this garden design. Gutter or trench is useful to accommodate the used water plant. The used water should be separated from ordinary water […]

Beautiful Table With Legs for Planting Flower

Beautiful Table With Legs for Planting Flower Some time ago we have reviewed about using wall as vertical garden and the garden design is still too large and difficult to make. Now we will show you another alternative for growing plants without requiring a large place. Plantable designed by JAILmake Studio are our topic today. […]