Handmade chairs for your home

Handmade chairs are unique and trendy, with a special design, and will create a nice atmosphere in your cozy home. They are cheaper to create, especially when you have recycled old materials which you can use. Handmade chairs can be created using a few pieces of wood planks and can provide you with comfort you […]

Fireplaces – Classic marble and wooden

A good number of articles and posts have been dedicated to one of the most beloved interior design elements- the fireplace. This time, however, we shall take a closer look at the classic examples – mainly the marble and woodеn fireplaces. These are the two most preferred fireplace materials. Starting with the marble, we should […]

Create a furniture heaven for your pet

Create a furniture heaven for your pet There are simply a million posts and articles based on the comfort and functionality that modern furniture can offer. An apartment or house becomes really a home, when it is properly furnished. And while the accent more or less has always been on human beings and their well-being […]

New Outdoor Portable Fireplace Design by EcoSmart Fire

New Outdoor Portable Fireplace Design by EcoSmart Fire Beautiful and elegance outdoor fireplace design are ready to warm your home. Latest design by EcoSmart Fire provides beautiful portable fireplace for intimate gardens, alfresco dining settings, bars, restaurants or personal use. Constructed with high quality material to gives you more safety when you are relaxing or […]

Outdoor Fireplace Design Ideas

Outdoor fireplace design ideas will inspire you to find what the most suitable outdoor fireplace for your backyard or garden. Building outdoor fireplaces in the garden, backyard patio or deck will give you many benefits.You don’t have to worry anymore about the cold weather during the winter season and enjoying the outdoor scenery without any risk like hypothermia. […]