The eco elements in the home interior

The eco elements in the home interior Nowadays, the connection between home interior and nature is evolving from a common tendency into a fashion trend. Just think of the numerous designers, architects and decorators that share the same idea – artificial materials and elements in home interior are not just old-fashioned, they are harmful for […]

Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories Rather than invest time and money to redesign the house, you should consider the power of accessories. Add or change accessories, improve function, and provide a new focal point for the interior you can refresh the space. You can find inspiration by studying the showroom furniture stores, antique shops, decorating magazines, and catalogs. […]

Wooden Frames for Mirrors

Wooden Frames for Mirrors The use of mirrors as elements present interior lot is applied by the decorators. The mirror was transformed into vocal point in space. The mirror is no longer just found in the room or in the toilet, but has expanded its use to the public nature of the space in the […]

Interior Lighting for Homes

Interior Lighting for Homes Interior Lighting for Homes — Lighting is an essential part of a space. This time will be discussed on artificial light, particularly to provide comfort on the move in space. “Gaming” the effects of light can also affect the atmosphere in the room. Therefore, the selection of the shape, dimensions, color, model […]

Retro Wall Clock

Retro Wall Clock Do not let the walls of your house empty. So that the walls look more ‘alive’, you need to install a decorative element. Decorate the walls of the house can be done in various ways. In addition to color the walls, can also install a variety of decorating one wall clock. The […]

White bathroom accessories

White bathroom accessories he selection of equipment and bathroom accessories can be imaged bathroom owner’s taste. Originally select and place of origin, the results are truly random. Bathroom space that has been designed with good, to be “falling prices” because of the accessories that do not match. Terlihatlah how our taste level as the owner […]