Clothes closet design

Designing the clothes closet in your apartment is a demanding and challenging job. The thing is that the so-called storage room should not be overlooked as it builds on the level of functionality in the home décor and can really save you a lot of time. Modern homes tend to have a designated area, which […]

A bit of wall decoration above your bedroom bed

A bit of wall decoration above your bedroom bed There are many unwritten rules in interior design. A typical example is placing your bed with the bed board against the wall – this positioning is mainly used to convey the feeling of safety, security and comfort. Rules, however, can be modified. This is especially true […]

Kids Bathroom Designs

Kids Bathroom Designs Kids Bathroom Designs — In addition to the bedroom, the bathroom is an important room in the house. Especially for your children. Though usually smaller in size than the bedroom, this room decoration should not be overlooked. Make the child comfortable bathroom, stylish, yet functional can be obtained easily and inexpensively. Here’s an […]

Contemporary bedroom lighting

Contemporary bedroom lighting The life of a dwelling never escape the influence of light. Its existence is very useful to illuminate all the activities of the occupants of the house. Light could even raise a person’s mood. The sun is the ultimate light source that provides illumination evenly throughout the room. However, natural lighting at night […]

Monochromatic Bedroom

Monochromatic Bedroom Monochromatic bedroom will be romantic part of your room. Reach for the space-atmosphere by playing romantic monochrome colors are soft on the eyes. The bedroom is one room that privacy is very high values​​. Individual tastes are pampered in this space. No wonder, to make it fit our character is relatively difficult. There […]