German Bathroom Design

German Bathroom Design German bathroom design, one of popular bathroom designs in Europe. The luxury and elegance looking of German bathroom design can you finds a place in many modern homes. Take a look at my photo collections bellow that showcasing full modern bathrooms style. Usually, German bathroom are known for their use of natural […]

Spa Bathroom Design Ideas

Spa Bathroom Design Ideas Find the best bathroom spa design to make your own spa in your home. You have a hobby to a spa in every weekend? It’s not cheap and spend your money to much. Now, let’s imagine if you can transform your bathroom into a spa bathroom, you can relaxing anytime without […]

Hardwood Bathroom Flooring Design Ideas

Hardwood Bathroom Flooring Design Ideas In this modern era, generally bathroom design using hi-tech materials with a glossy surface appearance and minimalist style. However, along with a vigorous go green issues developing in society, they often had to make ornaments that are environmentally friendly as a partition in his home. One of the most popular […]

Tips for Building a Natural Shades Bathroom

Tips for Building a Natural Shades Bathroom Currently, a bath is no longer viewed as simply a body activities. Moreover, in the busy day that very time-consuming. Bath was considered a special time where body and mind can relax for a moment. Therefore, any bathroom design should support the activities of relaxation. One is the […]

Tile Bathroom Shower Design Ideas

Tile Bathroom Shower Design Ideas Some tile bathroom shower design ideas bellow will help you to find the right design for your bathroom. Choosing tile bathroom is the most important point in any home and everybody always want to have beautiful looking for their bathroom. Getting the suitable design for bathroom is not easy and it’s one of the most […]