Sink Design Pattern

Sink Design Pattern More than just a curved container for hand washing, sanitary sink is a component in the bathroom which also has a function as an accessory. Such as a display, the sink can be located in the upper area of the table or attached to the wall. The sink is usually strung with […]

Master Bathroom Ideas

Master Bathroom Ideas The bathroom as one of the important facilities in the house which always used every day. The bathrooms are created to be convenient for users. Master bathroom design must be designed to the size, type and condition of the bedroom. The main bathroom interior design begins with the main sanitary rearrangements and […]

Pebble Tile Design Ideas for Bathroom

Pebble Tile Design Ideas for Bathroom These natural stone tiles are greatest solution when used to ad beauty views, resist water and maintain a smooth also make your bathroom floor not slippery anymore. This accessories also can be used as a medium for reflexology on your feet. If installed properly, pebble bathroom tile can easily […]

Eco Friendly Bathroom Design by Art-Tic Studio

Eco Friendly Bathroom Design by Art-Tic Studio Not only houses can be built with eco-friendy concepts, the bathroom can also be built with eco-friendly concepts. Latest bathroom design from Art-Tic Design Studio tries to apply a room that gives the sensation of nature in cozy atmosphere. Most of the bathroom furniture such as bathtubs, and […]

IKEA Bathroom Vanity

IKEA Bathroom Vanity – IKEA bathroom vanity are one of the most popular bathroom vanities brands that you can use to decorating your bathroom. IKEA bathroom vanity can be the best choice, and this brand is popular for producing high quality bathroom vanity. The fact is that placing bathroom vanities in your bathroom is […]

Clawfoot Tub Bathroom

Clawfoot Tub Bathroom Need Clawfoot tub bathroom designs ideas? Read and watch special videos about Clawfoot tub design full HD and you can download it. Clawfoot, specializes in bathroom accessories like bathtubs, tub faucets, fixtures, and timeless claw foot bathtub hardware. They have high quality bathroom accessories that produce in modern furniture machine productions. A […]