Bathroom Storage Solutions

Bathroom Storage Solutions Bathroom Storage Solutions —¬†Bathrooms, particularly the tiny one, need efficient storage toiletries. Although not a space that is often “visiting guests”, the bathroom still have to look clean and neat, so we were happy to wear it. To be so, the storage required items are always in the bathroom. Here are some […]

Tile Bathroom Ideas

Tile Bathroom Ideas Tile Bathroom Ideas —¬†Tiles is an important thing for every home, especially for the bathroom. Decorator tiles that become specialized, with a beautiful design, you can feel comfortable in your bathroom. There are lots of tiles with different types and colors and each color into its own delegation. With the tiles makes […]

Vintage bathroom decor

Vintage bathroom decor When considering redecorating the bathroom, most people are thinking of replacing the floor, shower, or toilet with a new model. However, a growing number of designers and homeowners are finding that placing antique furniture in the bathroom will create a stunning decor and a lot of expectations. Now, the bathroom seen much […]

Rare Antique Bathroom Sinks

Rare Antique Bathroom Sinks The sink is one of the most important part when it comes to the bathroom. The most important feature of the bathroom sink is the original form. Sink designs are generally round or oval. Sometimes it looks very big and made of stone. But there’s nothing wrong if you intend to […]

Bathroom Shower Stalls

Bathroom Shower Stalls Many people often forget the function of the shower. Bathroom made tucked in the back of the house. In fact, you should make the bathroom as comfortable and as good as possible. There’s even people who invest in the bathroom, which is using the equipment is good quality stuff at a great […]

White bathroom accessories

White bathroom accessories he selection of equipment and bathroom accessories can be imaged bathroom owner’s taste. Originally select and place of origin, the results are truly random. Bathroom space that has been designed with good, to be “falling prices” because of the accessories that do not match. Terlihatlah how our taste level as the owner […]